About Braxton

My name is Braxton Wirthlin and I was born and raised in the Las Vegas valley. I am a stay at home dad by day and a woodturner and furniture builder by night. I’m passionate about my craft and enjoy building custom pieces of furniture for business and individuals. I’ve built and installed many large scale pieces for business around the valley and take pride in the job I do as well as the knowledge that the things I build are being used and enjoyed by people.

In addition to building furniture, I’m also an avid woodturner. I enjoy turning bowls, lidded boxes, pens, and many other items. I try to use locally sourced, and salvaged wood as often as possible for much of my turning. There are many beautiful species of wood in the Las Vegas valley that are often cut down and sent to landfills. Being able to save these different types of wood and let them live on through my turnings is a personal goal of mine.

I’m a Youtube content creator and love filming, editing, and sharing the videos I film about the projects I’m building or turning. Thank you for checking out my website!

braxton wirthlin Braxton Wirthlin