Steel and Salvaged White Oak Coffee Table

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I have been sitting on the footage for a little over a year of this Steel and Salvaged White Oak Coffee Table. It wasn’t for any other reason than other things just kept coming up and getting edited before it. I have been excited to get this out and edited because it’s the first video that actually show cases a lot of my metal working skills. This steel and salvaged white oak coffee table was a challenging build and also allowed me to work with my good friend Billy Beddow from 3saurus. Billy is an amazing fabricator and every time I get to work with him, or visit his shop, I’m blown away by the things he building. Check out his Instagram and see for yourself.

The wood for the steel and salvaged white oak coffee table was saved from a job site before getting thrown away. It is 8/4 white oak and had some sort of round over molding on the front of it. I’m not sure what it was originally used for, but after it was planned down and milled to size it was absolutely beautiful. This is the second project I’ve built from the oak and I still have enough left to do at least one or two more decent sized projects. I always enjoy being able to reuse materials and keep them from being sent to a landfill to rot away.

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Building the metal frame for the steel and salvage white oak coffee table was by far my favorite part. I love when I’m able to do metal fabrication along with woodworking in my project. This allowed me to get in lots of welding as well as work at the 3saurus shop. It started with 20 foot sticks of 1.5×1.5x.065 square steel tubing. The steel had to be wiped down with acetone in order to remove the grease and oil from the steel yard. I next laid it out and cut all pieces to size, then proceeded to clamp parts down to the welding table and tack them together. Once everything was tacked I went back and fully welded all the joints and ground them smooth with an angle grinder and a flap wheel.


The steel and salvaged white oak coffee table came together after I drilled mounting holes, cleaned and sprayed a clear coat on the frame, and screwed the top and bottom shelves on. It was built to the exact size requested by the client so It’s slightly larger than a normal coffee table. Here’s the video, please enjoy it and besure to subscribe to my youtube channel to keep up on all the videos I put out.

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