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mini bowl gouge ornament small bowl gouge hot to make a mini bowl gouge

I am very quickly becoming completely and utterly obsessed with woodturning. It’s basically all consuming for me now. So when I heard about the 2016 Christmas Ornament challenge I knew I had to enter. I just wasn’t exactly sure what type of ornament I was going to make. After some deliberation and finally coming up with an idea I got it built, filmed, edited, and uploaded just in the nick of time. So here it is without further ado my mini bowl gouge ornament!!!



I made this mini bowl gouge ornament from an old screw driver, the top of a broken harbor freight spring punch, a piece of hard maple for the handle, glued it all together with some CA glue, and finished it with O.B.’s Shine Juice. It was a really fun project to build and something that I think I’ll do again. I’d like to add a few more ornaments to my collection, maybe a skew chisel, a roughing out gouge, a parting tool, and a spindle gouge.

I started by selecting a screw driver to use as the tool portion of my mini bowl gouge ornament, I wanted something round as apposedĀ to a hexagon shaped shaft. I was lucky enough to have the perfect one with a broken wood handle. Using my angle grinder I ground off the tabs that helped secure the shank in to the handle, then I cut off the flat head tip. Next I placed the shank sideways in my vise and carefully cut a grove down the middle to act as the flute of the mini bowl gouge ornament. After the flute was cut I took the new blank to my slow speed grinder and added a bevel. After the bevel It was time to add a ferrule around the to mimic the look of one of my Jimmy Clewes Quick release mechanisms on my lathe tools. I found an old broken spring punch that matched the color and had knurling around the top. I drilled the hole large enough to accommodate the new mini bowl gouge and cut top and bottom to make it slightly smaller and look more like the original. After that was done it was a matter of turning down the hard maple blank to accept the ferrule, gluing it on. shaping sanding and finishing the handle, and then gluing in the gouge.


Here’s a list of tools I used to do it, these are amazon affiliate links and help me out if you click on them and buy things

Chuck –
Jaws –
Live Center –
Bench Grinder –
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Wolverine Vari-Grind Attachment –
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If you make one of these mini bowl gouge ornaments I’d love to hear about it! Email me a picture of it to so I can check it out.

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